Bernadette is a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City.

Living in the city for eighteen years has made her tough, but also romantic. The combination is evident in the unusual world her illustrations and paintings seem to occupy.

Growing up in the 90’s, Bernadette’s interest in design and fashion stemmed from xerox copied punk zines, album covers and reading her older sister’s copies of Sassy magazine. In the year 2000, at seventeen, she moved from upstate New York to the city to pursue art.

With a professional focus on Illustration, Bernadette trained under a mentor to legendary fashion illustrator, Antonio Lopez, at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a year in the Illustration program, she completed her AAS in Communication Design and a BFA in Textile Design. During this time, she gained different perspectives in the early aughts fashion industry by working and interning for high-end fashion designers, dabbling as a stylist assistant.

These experiences have given Bernadette a sophisticated understanding and appreciation of fashion on different levels, which underlies her hand drawn designs. With an adaptable range of drawing abilities and credence in simplicity, her style also blends easily into beauty and lifestyle. Bernadette’s artistic sensibilities have earned her several collaborations with luxury and commercial brands worldwide.

She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Andrew, and their baby daughter, Georgia Cy.